Mark Fluehr Web Designer
Web Developer


University Websites

Marketing websites and applications.

I’ve designed many online applications and marketing websites for colleges and universities across the country. It’s always an exciting challenge to push a school’s existing brand in new directions while remaining faithful to its core.


A game about spies, puzzles, and the American Revolution.

RevQuest was a series of adventure games I helped create for Colonial Williamsburg. To save the Revolution, players explored eighteenth-century Williamsburg, Virginia, conversed with its inhabitants, and solved puzzles. I co-designed the storylines and gameplay, and made many of the graphics. The game engine I built from scratch, using JavaScript and XML. These games were really fun to make!

Slavery and Remembrance

A digital museum of sites, artifacts, and essays related to slavery and the slave trade.

This website was one of my most challenging projects, since I was responsible for both its design and development. Working with a team of historians, I created a visual design evoking American, African, and European cultures. Using ColdFusion and jQuery, I created a REST API to pull and display data from a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Woodward Heights Live

A showcase of Lexington, Kentucky’s Woodward Heights historic district using interactive maps, elevations, and photos.

This was my master’s thesis project, completed in 2011. I created maps and other drawings using AutoCAD, took hundreds of photos, and performed extensive research to gather the materials for this website. I coded the project using ActionScript, XML, and Adobe Flash Builder (this was 2011, remember!).

Drawings and Graphics

Pencil, paint, Photoshop, Blender, AutoCAD, and other media.

For work, for school, or just for fun, I’ve created a lot of images over the years.